Regular punjabi panjeeri (1/2 KG OR 1 KG) 


It is consumed for general vitality and strength and can be consumed by people of all age groups.
Jaggery extra $5.

Regular jaggery panjeeri (1/2 KG OR 1 KG) 


All the goodness of Punjabi Panjeeri with jaggery which is used as a sweetener

Post natal panjeeri
(1 KG minimum order)


This Panjeeri is a boon for expecting mothers and a hot-selling favourite among our customers. Special ingredients and a mix of spices give this Panjeeri a distinctive aroma and taste. Gond and Kamarkas make this panjeeri a nutritional source of energy for new mothers.

Gond ladoo ( 1 KG minimum order)


Special ladoo made with dried ginger powder, Gond, mixed nuts, sesame and poppy seeds prepared in pure desi ghee.
Choice of sugar or jaggery

Methi ladoo (1 KG minimum order) 


It is consumed when the iron content in your body is low or to control the blood sugar levels. This is made exclusively with fenugreek, nuts, wheat flour and other ingredients.

Dates and nuts bites (1 KG minimum order) 


These are bite sized snack bites made with dates and all form of nuts for wholesome nutrition and is an energy powerhouse

Atta Pinni (1 KG minimum order)


Delicious pinnis made with wholemeal flour, mixed nuts, seeds, a blend of special spices and in pure Desi ghee.
choice of sugar or jaggery

Kesari Gajar Halwa (1/2 KG OR 1 KG) 


This delicacy is prepared with fresh homemade khoya, pure desi ghee, farm fresh carrots, saffron, pistachios and loaded with all the healthy nuts.

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