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    Benefits of Postpartum Panjeeri


    Panjeeri is packed with essential nutrients vital for postpartum recovery, including carbohydrates for energy, proteins for tissue repair, healthy fats for hormone production, and a plethora of vitamins and minerals necessary for overall well-being.


    Certain ingredients in panjeeri, such as Gond (Edible Gum), Kamarkas ('Flame of the forest Palasha'), seeds and almonds, are believed to have galactagogue properties, which may help in promoting lactation and supporting breastfeeding mothers.

    Breastfeeding mother during lactation
    Aids Digestion

    The inclusion of whole wheat flour and fiber in panjeeri can aid in digestion and alleviate postpartum constipation, a common issue faced by new mothers.

    Constipation after pregnancy
    Boosts Immunity

    Nuts and seeds in panjeeri are rich in antioxidants and micronutrients like zinc and vitamin E, which can help boost the immune system and facilitate quicker recovery from childbirth.

    Healthy nuts and seeds
    Replenishes Nutrients in new mothers

    Pregnancy and childbirth can deplete the body of essential nutrients. Panjeeri helps replenish these stores, supporting the mother's recovery and providing her with the necessary strength and vitality to care for her newborn.

    Mother caring for her child after delivery
    Satiety and Energy

    The combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in panjeeri provides sustained energy levels and keeps hunger at bay, making it an ideal snack for busy new mothers who may have limited time for elaborate meals.

    Busy mother with her child
    Emotional well-being

    The comforting and indulgent nature of panjeeri can also have positive effects on a new mother's emotional well-being, providing her with a sense of nourishment and satisfaction during the postpartum period.

    Happy mother well-being with her kid

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    Our products are made fresh as per your order and not stored or refrigerated, without any unwelcome preservatives and colours.

    All the items are made with pure ghee only and special ingredients including nuts, seeds, spices, Gond to name a few.

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    Post pregnancy panjeeri
    Post-pregnancy panjeeri $60 per kg
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    Gond ladoos $65 per kg

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